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Morse code encryption transforms text messages into a series of dots and dashes, ensuring secure communication online. Our free online encryption tool enables you to encode messages with Morse code effortlessly. The standard Morse password does not contain Chinese characters.

Morse Code

Morse alphabet (also translated as Morse code) is a kind of on-off signal code

This signal code expresses different English letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. through different permutations.

The characters encrypted by Morse code are only characters, numbers, punctuation, and are not case sensitive. Chinese characters are supported.

Invented by American Samuel Finley Breese Morse in 1837, providing the conditions for the invention of the Morse Telegraph in 1835

Morse Code Lights for Help | Morse Code

Morse password coding is simple and clear, and the ambiguity is small. The coding is mainly represented by two characters: ".", "-", One long and one short

This is used a lot in many situations, such as sending a distress signal

When using Moore's password to ask for help, the definition is: the light is always "-" and the light is "."

If the light is displayed according to the rule of "short bright dark short bright dark short bright dark long bright dark long bright dark long bright dark short bright dark short bright dark short bright", then it means that it is a help signal SOS

Because the mole code of SOS is: ···---· ··, the light coding can be performed according to the above regulations. This code is actually very simple: Three short, three long, three short

In addition to lights, the use of sound (two different sounds) can also send out a distress signal. This distress method should be understood by us, and may be useful when necessary.

Morse Code Encrypted List | Morse Code List

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